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James Fisher PhD

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


James completed his BSc (Hons) Sport Science from University of Chester, his MSc Exercise Physiology from Manchester Metropolitan University and his PG Cert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from Solent University. He went on to complete his PhD, titled “The Scientific Application of Resistance Training”, through Nottingham Trent University.

James draws on personal experiences as a fitness professional; strength and conditioning coach to amateur, professional, national and international athletes; GB wheelchair basketball coach at the London 2012 Games; and published researcher and reviewer to deliver the theoretical and practical knowledge required for future progression of health, fitness and sporting success.

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

James has previously been a freelance personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach; having worked with such notables as the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), GB goalball players, GB wheelchair basketball players, and international track and field athletes, as well as the University’s rugby, netball and American football teams.

As an exercise scientist he has been involved in testing with Premier League team, Southampton FC and Championship team, Bournemouth AFC.

James was assistant coach to GB Women’s Wheelchair basketball team through the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 cycle.

Teaching experience

Unit leader:

  • Year one: Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology.
  • Year one: Fitness for Sport.
  • Year two: Advanced Training Principles.
  • Year 3: Sport Science Support.
  • MSc: Marginal Gains in Peak Performance.

Research interests

James’ key areas of interest are strength training and sports conditioning, exercise technique and lower back pain along with psychological considerations within sports, health and fitness.

Recent publications

Giessing, J., Eichmann, B., Steele, J., Fisher, J. (2016) A comparison of low volume ‘high-intensity training’ and high volume resistance training methods on muscular performance, body composition, and subjective assessment. Biology of Sport. 33(3): 241-249.

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Conference presentations

Resistance Exercise Conference: Maximising Strength and Hypertrophy; The current state of the science and implications for training, Minnesota, USA, 2016.

Muscle Contraction; Anatomy and Physiology, Minnesota, USA, 2016.

International- Symposium Scientific Advanced Resistance Training Techniques: Advances in Strength Training Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2015.

Strength, Wellness and Fitness Advanced Resistance Training Techniques: Conference Natal, Brazil, 2015.

BASES Conference: Muscle Activation and Force production for a novel resistance training approach in trained males, suitable for Space Flight and Micro-Gravity environments. St. George’s Park, UK, 2015.

A comparison of two ecologically valid resistance training methods upon strength, body composition, and subjective assessments of training. St. George’s Park, UK, 2015.

Kieser Training Medical Congress: Advanced Resistance Training Techniques. Dresden, Germany, 2015.

Resistance Exercise Conference: Scientific Advances in Resistance Training; the development of health, hypertrophy and athletic performance. Minnesota, USA, 2015.

Fitness Leader’s Summit: Critical Evaluation and Evidence Based Practice; The Solution to Improving Business. Orlando, USA, 2014.

High Intensity Training Resurgence: Evidence Based Resistance Training for Muscular Hypertrophy. Minnesota, USA, 2014.

High Intensity Training Resurgence: Evidence Based Resistance Training. Minnesota, USA, 2013.

BASES Conference: Effect of Romanian Deadlift Exercise on the development of Lumbar Extension Strength. University of Essex, UK, 2011.


James is recognised as an IFBB weight training prescription specialist, a head and neck training specialist and a UK anti-doping tutor.