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Joelle Salje, Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Joelle Salje


Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Joelle holds a role as an adult nursing lecturer where her expansive experience is conjoined and implemented into her practice. She worked as a practice educator in a respiratory high care area, leading her to construct and deliver several courses, discussed later. Following this, Joelle’s career lead her to working alongside students in a teaching and supportive capacity within a hospital trust. Next, her experience and skills provided the necessary background to develop and run courses for the 120 redeployed staff to ICU during the Covid-19 pandemic. The courses were well received.

Joelle’s experience is not limited to teaching - she has extensive experience in critical care settings and has also worked in service development and change management. She developed a team that worked in the community, providing early discharge from hospital and supported sicker patients to stay in their homes. The service required in-depth knowledge of clinical assessments and she adopted the teaching and training post in the service.

Joelle has now developed a keen interest in research, particularly looking at the application of theory to practice through the use of simulation or virtual simulation, as well as the impact of support and confidence in study behaviours. The latter study focuses on the concept of wider participation communities differing in need over other university populations.

Taught courses

Further information

Industry experience

Joelle has worked for Solent University since November 2020. Within this time, she has led a module and taught on several other modules within the adult nursing course. Joelle has great passion for anatomy and physiology, as well as patient deterioration, and continues to teach in these areas throughout the programme.

Joelle has also created a virtual placement which will be running in June 2021 against which the nursing students can conceptualise their knowledge from taught theory days, ready to apply into practice. This initiative has led to associated research being undertaken.

Following this, Joelle has worked closely with NHS England. Their collaboration consisted of the support of placement capacity of nursing students, as well as with the implementation of the new nursing standards in hospital settings, alongside collaborative learning in practice (CLiP).

Teaching experience

Joelle has extensive teaching experience which extends over several audiences, mediums and platforms. For example, she created a programme which looks to improve multidisciplinary learning, as well as Identify and support learning in accordance to adverse events which occur in the hospital. Namely, the simulated ward includes scenarios based on real events. Such events are replicated and the ward is invited to attend. This initiative went to national conference.

Another simulation-based initiative is the creation of a simulated ward for nursing students during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative was compiled to support the wards in meeting the student nurse proficiencies.

Joelle created a five-day HDU programme to teach more advanced skills to ward/HDU nurses and therapists. Each day considers different physiological systems and includes anatomy and physiology, common treatments, long term conditions, and medical equipment.

Joelle also supported the 120 nurses redeployed to ICU during the Covid-19 pandemic. This included the creation of a two-day upskilling programme where the nurses would recap on necessary assessment skills as well as learn specific knowledge related to ICU practice.


Solent National Apprenticeship Award.

Research interests

Joelle’s interest in virtual placements has caused her to question their impact on achieving nursing proficiencies. Concordantly, her current research compares virtual and clinical placements in supporting the meeting of student nurse proficiencies. This understanding will contribute to growing research on the subject, as well as provide valuable data from which future online delivery of learning can be better formulated alongside best evidence base.

In combination with virtual placements, Joelle has an interest in the application of theory to practice within the nursing and student nurse population. Research has indicated profound limitation, with simulation and/or virtual simulation providing a meaningful alternative to overcome this gap. Associated research is currently being undertaken.

Joelle also has a keen interest in wider participation communities within higher education, particularly in nursing students. Little research is currently available, despite wider participation being promoted to support the deficient in nurses, as well as to provide diversity in higher education. As a result, Joelle is currently undertaking research to identify support and confidence levels of our nursing students, alongside their current study behaviours.

These research interests and activities are collectively being developed in order to enable Solent to better prepare their students for clinical practice.

Work in progress

MSc in Medical Education.

Research in virtual placements.

Research in application of theory to practice.

Research in study behaviours of wider participation nursing students.