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Dr Mark Hayes PhD

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences


Mark began work as an industrial labourer at British Shipbuilders in Woolston, Southampton. He was made redundant in 1978 and began a degree in Politics at Portsmouth Polytechnic. He was the grateful beneficiary of a free education and gained a doctorate in 1991 from Southampton University. He started teaching at Southampton Institute in 1992. He is from Southampton (Thornhill) and spent the first 36 years of his life living on a council estate, where he developed an unreasonable (and unrequited) affection for his local football team.

Mark has published widely, including books (monographs/edited), book chapters, journal articles, reviews and journalistic commentary.

Taught courses

Further information

Teaching experience

Mark has taught a variety of modules focused on themes such as political violence, public order, policing, politics, social history, and the media.

He has taught in Canada (Mount Royal and Toronto) and Spain (Santiago de Compostella), and delivered guest lectures and conference papers around the world, including Spain, Canada, USA, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Scotland and Ireland.

Research interests

Mark's research interests lie in political theory, political violence/'terrorism'/media, state crime fascism/anti-fascism, Northern Ireland (republicanism), social movements/public order policing, new right/conservatism, and soccer and society.


  • Fellow of Public Policy Research Centre Southampton Institute 1993-1996.
  • Member of British Association of Canadian Studies 1995-2000.
  • Member of Political Studies Association 1992-1999.
  • Referee for British Journal of Canadian Studies 2000-2002.
  • Member of Editorial Board Fourthwrite Magazine 2001-2003.
  • Referee for on-line journal Crime Conflict and the Media www.jc2m 2002-2005.
  • Member of Higher Education Academy C-SAP Special Interest Group “Teaching about Terrorism” 2006-.
  • Member of Network of Activists and Scholars in Politics and International Relations 2006-10.
  • Referee for Irish Political Studies 2009-11.
  • Referee for Twentieth Century Communism 2014-.
  • Referee for Contemporary European History 2016-.
  • Centre Moderator for Southern Area Access Validation Agency (SAAVA) 2010-13.
  • Referee for Routledge Publishers (book proposals) 2017-.
  • Member of Editorial Board Social Science 2018-.
  • Co-organiser of community outreach lecture, “Enemy Combatant?: A British Muslim’s Journey to Guantanamo and Back”, Moazzam Begg, Southampton Solent University, 21 April 2009.
  • Co-organiser of research symposium, “The Good Friday Agreement Ten Years On: A Consideration of Competing Perspectives”, Southampton Solent University 10th April 2008 (Dr Feilim O’hAdmaill/Professor Thomas Hennessey).
  • Co-organiser of conference (with Dr Paul Mason, Cardiff University) on “The ‘error’ in ‘Terrorism’: Media Representations of Political Violence” held at Southampton Institute, 11-12 November 2004 jc2mconferencetheme.
  • Co-organised Criminology guest lecture programme 2006- : speakers have included, Dr Anthony McIntyre, Tommy McKearney, Brendan Hughes, Dr Kevin Bean, Dr Drew Gray.

Recent publications


The Trouble with National Action. London, Freedom Press (2019).

The Ideology of Fascism and the Far Right in Britain. Ottawa, Red Quill Books (2014).

The New Right in Britain: An Introduction to Theory and Practice Pluto Press 1994.

Edited texts

Republican Voices (edited with Dr Kevin Bean) Seeysu Press 2001.

Book chapters

'Class and cultural colonization in the era of austerity: The dialectics of identity and de-subordination' Chapter 6 in David Berry (ed) (2017) Cultural Politics in the Age of Austerity London, Routledge.

'Red Action – left wing political pariah: some observations regarding ideological apostasy and the discourse of proletarian resistance' Chapter 12 in Evan Smith and Matthew Worley (eds) (2014) Against the Grain: The British far left from 1956 Manchester, Manchester University Press.

'Vigilantism' Chapter 11 in Rowland Atkinson (ed) (2014) Shades of Deviance: A primer on crime, deviance and social harm London, Routledge.

'The Imposition of Internment Without Trial in Northern Ireland, August 1971: Causes, Consequences and Lessons' Chapter 7 in Stratos Georgoulas (ed) (2012) The Politics of Criminology: Critical Studies on Deviance and Social Control Munster, Lit Verlag.

'Paramilitary Groups in Northern Ireland, the Media War and the State: Semantics and Symbiosis – A Comparative Case Study of the PIRA and UDA' (with P. Norris) in Banu Baybars Hawks and Lemi Baruh (eds) 'Societies Under Siege: Media, Government, Politics and Citizens’ Freedoms in an Age of Terrorism Kadir Has University E-book, April 2010.

'Political Violence, Irish Republicanism and the British Media: Semantics, Symbiosis and the State' Chapter 7 in P. Mason (ed): Criminal Visions: Media Representations of Crime and Justice Willan 2003.

'New Labour and Northern Ireland: Bipartisan Consensus and the Peace Process' Chapter 15 in G. Taylor (ed) (1999): The Impact of New Labour Basingstoke, Macmillan.

Journal articles

'The ESRC University Project on ‘dissident’ Irish Republicanism: Some reflections on the relationship between research, academia and the security state' (2018) Contemporary Social Science: The Journal of the Academy of Social Science DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2018.1427884 5 February.

'Remembering Internment in Northern Ireland in 1971: Legality, Legitimacy and the Lessons of History' (2013) Socialist History No.43, pp.95-110.

'Sinn Fein and the New Republicanism in Ireland: Electoral Progress, Political Stasis, and Ideological Failure' (with Dr. K. Bean) Radical History Review Issue 104, Spring 2009 pp. 126-142.

'Glasgow Celtic Fans, Political Culture and the Tiocfaidh Ar La Fanzine: Some Comments and a Content Analysis' Football Studies Vol 9 No.1 2006 pp. 5-18.

'Anti-Fascist Action: Radical Resistance or Rent-a-Mob?' (co-author Dr. P. Aylward) Soundings, Issue No.14 Spring 2000 pp.53-62.

'The Evolution of Republican Strategy and the 'Peace Process' in Ireland' (1998) Race and Class, vol 39 No.3 Jan-March pp.21-40.


The British Government and the ‘Peace Process’ in Ireland. Report for Ex-Prisoners Assistance Committee (EXPAC), Ireland (Monaghan) Conflicts of Interest Education Programme (EU Fund for Peace and Reconciliation), January 2011.

'Back from the Brink? A Comparative Analysis of UK and Canadian Conservative Party Strategies for Survival' (co-authors Dr. T. McDonald and Dr. G. Taylor) Report for the Canadian High Commission (London) June 2000.

Research grants/consultancies

Research Consultant for European Union Project into Turkish Police 2014 in conjunction with Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (Community Interest Company Ltd).

Research Consultant for TV Documentary (in collaboration with Professor Xavier Vaz of Santiago de Compostella University, Spain) “Las Comunidades junto a la frontera en Irelanda: El Impacto de proceso de paz” (2006-7).

Member of Southampton Institute/FMAS team bid to run the “Thornhill Neighbourhood Management Project” funded by the New Deal for Communities Partnership (2001-2002).

Southampton Institute Social Science Faculty Grant (2000-2001) awarded by Research and Scholarship Committee, to study Canadian Conservative Party/Reform Party.

EXPAC (Ex-Prisoners Assistance Committee) Northern Ireland (funded via EU Special Programme for Peace and Reconciliation) consultant for study into rehabilitation of ex-prisoners (2000).

Canadian High Commission Grant (1999-2000) for comparative study into the relationship between Canadian Progressive Conservative Party and UK Conservative Party.

ESRC Grant for PhD study at Southampton University “The New Right and Fascism” (1986-89).

Mark has a very large back-catalogue of journalistic material, commentary and book reviews. This is available on request, along with titles for specific conference papers and guest lectures.

Work in progress

Mark is currently working on a book chapter: 'Political Prisoner: An Irish Republican in the British Penal System' in D. Scott and M. Coyle (eds) (2020) Contesting Carceral Logic Routledge.

He is also working on a book about terrorism.