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Dr Jenny Josephs


Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

Portrait of Jenny Josephs


After completing a BSc in Psychology at the University of Southampton, Jenny stayed on to complete an MSc Research Methods in Psychology and a PhD in cognitive psychology. Jenny’s thesis explored how the visual system internalises the statistics of the natural environment and leads to biases in perception.

Meanwhile, her interest in preventing food waste inspired her to start a business selling insects as a sustainable source of protein. Through this, Jenny developed a passion for science outreach and decided to return to use this in both teaching and research. 

Further information

Jenny’s research interests primarily focus on attitudes towards novel foods and meat consumption, in particular entomophagy (eating insects).

Taught courses

BSc (Hons) Criminal Investigation with Psychology

Blending criminal investigation with psychology, this specialist degree is designed to give you highly relevant skills, knowledge and professional skills for a great...

BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology

Explore the world of criminology and criminal justice, and discover the fascinating psychological underpinnings to this socially vital industry on our innovative criminology and...