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Dr Raza Hasan

Senior Lecturer

Department of Science and Engineering

Raza Hasan headshot


Dr Raza Hasan is a dedicated educator and accomplished researcher, driving advancements in information systems and data analytics. With a PhD from Malaysia University of Science and Technology in 2021, his expertise in this dynamic field is firmly established.

As a senior lecturer in computing at Solent University since July 2023, Dr Hasan's influence is evident through his versatile teaching portfolio. He imparts comprehensive knowledge spanning artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, data science, and data analytics. Boasting over 15 years of experience as a full-time faculty member, he guides both undergraduate and postgraduate students towards academic excellence.

Dr Hasan's prior role as deputy head of department, programme leader, and associate professor of computing and IT at the Global College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) in Oman underscores his leadership prowess. His contributions, starting from 2022, led to the creation of impactful programs like MSc Data Science and innovative pathways like BSc (Hons) Computer Security and Forensics, BSc (Hons) Business Computing, and BSc (Hons) Computer Science specializing in Smart Devices and Artificial Intelligence. His guidance and strategic insights have indelibly shaped the academic landscape.

Beyond teaching, Dr Hasan's research contributions grace prestigious journals and international conferences. His innovative mindset and dedication to progress have catalysed transformation in learning analytics, educational data science, and data analytics. His work serves as a testament to innovation and practical application.

As both an educator and researcher, he embodies excellence, continuously pushing knowledge boundaries while nurturing the next generation of professionals. Dr Raza Hasan's legacy is one of dedication, impact, and an unwavering commitment to advancing information systems and data analytics.

Further information

Raza spearheaded the design, development, and implementation of an advanced Library Management System (LMS) to streamline library operations, automate cataloguing, enhance user experience, and manage digital resources effectively at Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBiT) from 2003-2004.

Taught courses

MSc Applied AI and Data Science

Immerse yourself in the in-demand fields of AI and data science. Using problem-based approaches, your studies will equip you with the knowledge and skills to open doors to a wide range of careers.