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Three easy steps for accessibility

We all want our students to do as well as possible, and part of that means making sure that all students can access all the great learning content and resources that we provide. 

This is where digital accessibility comes in. Students told us that the availability and navigation of content can be the biggest support on SOL, but also the biggest problem. 

Here are three easy steps you can take to help your students access your content:

1. Upload slides and materials in advance of a session. Students get the chance to prepare, see content up close, go through it at their own pace, and modify its appearance if they need to. 

2. Record sessions on panopto wherever possible. It means students worry less about getting everything down in their notes, provides an opportunity to review challenging content, and helps any student who misses class due to ill health. 

3. Use a consistent layout across all modules on the course, with clear, meaningful titles for tabs and documents. Don't leave empty tabs; make it as easy as possible for students to find what they are looking for. Work as a team to ensure all content is clearly signposted. 

These three steps will improve accessibility for everyone in your classes.

To meet the individual needs of your students, check in with them regularly to ensure they are able to fully participate in learning activities you prepare.  

For further information about creating digitally accessible content visit