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Help beat the attainment gap

Guest post by Dr Pam Pourzanjani

The assignment checklist, a Moodle tool, is a list of requirements and/or common errors for a particular assignment. The use of these checklists has been trialled as part of the Beating the Attainment Gap project which has been running at Solent University since the 2017-18 academic year and is part of an Office for Students-funded project in collaboration with University of West London and University of Derby.

At Solent the assignment checklist is part of the SOL Baseline unit template, already available under the Assessment tab for all units in SOL. You as the lecturer just need to add the checklist items specific to the particular assessment. It’s up to you how you use and what you might want to focus on. 

The students are encouraged to check their assignment against this list to ensure they have included all requirements, or not made any of the common errors before they submit their assignment for grading. Once the students use this online tool, you can then monitor student progress and completion of these. 

Students have commented that they find the checklist beneficial in terms of having that list of items they need to get right and for ensuring they have addressed the requirements of the assignment brief. 

The BTAG team are keen to embed the use of the online assignment checklist more widely across the university. Therefore, training and further information is available from the project SOL page at by emailing the achievement team on

Please feel free to get in touch!