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Curriculum review? Curriculum renaissance!


The curriculum review has been one of the most exciting projects that Solent has ever initiated. Instigated by Prof Julie Hall and run by Prof Tansy Jessop, the review has seen 88 courses go through the process, with 40 validated to date.

More than 360 academics and 30 professional services staff have spent 35,000 minutes discussing the alignment of courses to a new framework that was built from the ground up. 

It’s a moment of profound culture change for Solent, involving staff from right across the university. It ensures we have a unique curriculum that makes a real difference to the student experience, by focussing on students as the authors and creators of the knowledge they learn to work with in a confident way.  

The review has larger implications for Solent, in its significant contribution to our chances for receiving TEF Gold. It was also behind our recent shortlisting for the THE University of the Year. All of that is good news for the University but more importantly, students will benefit hugely from this interplay between curriculum and learning.

These are exciting times for Solent and, as the process continues, things can only get better!