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Quickly add interactivity to your unit pages

Have you wondered how best to reinforce the most important aspects of a week's teaching? Do you want to ensure that the students have fully engaged with the central material? There is a way you can  easily and simply highlight to your students the concepts or strategies you would like them to spend time on, and support those students who struggle with them.

H5P is a new tool you can use with SOL that quickly adds interactivity to your unit pages. (You can find it listed under Activities when you add a Resource – look for Interactive Content.) 

It is an easy and flexible way to help your students engage with the unit content. There are plenty of options and templates you can choose from to test learning and recall of information, using things like drag and drop exercises, matching games, interactive videos (where you embed questions into the film), dropdown lists that reveal more information, and interactive images that show further details with a click. 

All of these can be a stand-alone activity that punctuates your unit page with a meaningful and colourful bite-size interaction, or you can embed them all into a slide show, much like your existing PowerPoints but with added rich media content. 

If this all sounds a bit complicated then be assured that it is easy to set up, and you will get the hang of it in no time. 

If you would like some support, then there is plenty of help available to you. Contact the Learning Technologies Advisors in the library and they will be happy to get you started:

Visit the second floor helpdesk in the library

Phone x5100