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Five elements for success

Team teaching is more than just knowing what your colleagues on a course are teaching: it’s being in the same room, teaching it with them.

This has become standard practice for the Social Work course, following a move from the usual lecture-seminar format to more of a workshop style. In a subject with all its inherent complexities, it can only be helpful having someone else to share their thoughts and knowledge, and bounce ideas off.

With a teaching style driven by activities, both members of staff can circulate around the room, guiding students through case studies and other practical tasks that embed the learning in a real-world context.

Thanks to the teams’ diversity in professional and academic experiences, they are able to share valuable tips with each other but also a whole range of perspectives with the students, providing insight into children’s services, adult services, the voluntary sector or statutory requirements in a communal journey of exploration.

The key to success in team teaching involves five elements:

  • caring about the programme and each other
  • a willingness to help each other out
  • participation in peer exchange
  • regular team meetings
  • consistency in approach across the whole programme

Social work is an emotionally challenging profession. A unified, nurturing team is the best support the students could ask for.