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New year, new ambitions, new opportunities

The Solent Learning and Teaching Institute is here to help you discover great practice from across the Solent community. Our goal is to support your journey of on-going development by providing: 

  • training with Moodle and all its associated tools 
  • access to all the learning tools Solent provides 
  • ideas and the confidence to try new techniques with your students  
  • professional recognition and certification 
  • opportunities to engage in research 
  • developmental workshops 
  • support to individuals, course teams and programme groups.  

We can also broker collaborative partnerships across the university, putting you in touch with colleagues who might be able to provide something you’re missing, or vice versa. 

We believe that great teaching and learning is all about establishing connections and building relationships between people, whether that’s in the classroom, online, or in a professional setting, and whether they’re tutors, students, or colleagues.  

Over the past four years, SLTI has introduced the SOL Baseline to improve unit consistency and in turn the student experience, supported course teams in raising their NSS results, led the Curriculum Review and overseen the introduction of the new Framework.

While these are important, we have also taken students to present their research at conference and at Parliament, hosted a successful and growing annual conference, aided dozens of colleagues in gaining HEA Fellowship, contributed to the Library’s valued Customer Service Excellence award through the new and popular helpdesk, provided seed funding to research projects, and helped once-innovative approaches, like lecture capture and audience participation, become mainstream. 

Between us we have shared our expertise at national and international conferences, drafted a book on Real World Learning, gained our own professional recognition, expanded our skills and kept abreast of new developments our field.

Now we want to share it all with you. Connect with Solent Learning and Teaching Institute today. We look forward to working with you.  

Find us in the library, or email us: for support with technology and systems for ideas around how best to use SOL for professional development opportunities