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Some of our postgraduate alumni discuss their thoughts on their study experience and share some tips for you.

Georgette Graham had been working as a qualified lawyer overseas before starting the MSc Applied AI and Data Science degree. Her project looked into streamlining a document review process to make it more efficient for lawyers and their clients. She said of her time at Solent:

It’s really exciting coming here, I learnt a whole lot. I think the University itself and the faculty have been really supportive in my journey, especially because I didn’t have any knowledge of Python or anything before. Now I’m actually going to be starting my new job in data science, so I’ve already taken that step to transition my career. I think Solent obviously played a big role in that.

Rachel Collins shares how an MSc Marketing has helped with her business:

The tutors on my particular course were all incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields, and really worked to tailor the course material to the students’ interests. Going into the course I had the intention of applying what I learned to the development of my company, and this presented an opportunity for real-world application of techniques and strategies learned from the very beginning. Our tutors took the time to get to know us individually and use examples and case studies geared towards our areas of interest – this, along with the modules containing live briefs, really gave an accurate impression of what it would be like to work in the field of marketing.

Clive Thomas was a mature student studying MSc Project Management full-time, while working as Commercial Planning Manager at Manor Marine.His advice to other mature students considering postgraduate study:

Don’t hold back. You are never too old. Consider the study workload, consider your work/life balance, and what you think you might get from the course. I did the course over one year, but some of my contemporaries did it over two years, pick what suits you best. If you put in the effort, you’ll be greatly rewarded. Don’t think it’s easy, it’s not; but well worth it, I ended up with a distinction!

For me, it cost me time, money and effort – nonetheless, I’m glad I have done it. Having completed the MSc I found a much better grasp on my skills, giving me greater capabilities within the office and, probably more importantly, it has given me a new confidence and peace in my abilities. So, if you are considering going to Solent University, talk to the lecturers, as I did, and then I expect you’ll never look back. Good luck!

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