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Accountancy courses

Picture of Remi Ransford

Remi Ransford

BA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance

Graduated 2015

Picture of Remi Ransford

At Solent, we learnt real world skills that aren't usually taught in the classroom that prepare you for situations when finding employment and after graduation. 

Getting the job I wanted after my tutor helped a great deal! Since I started my role, I have been learning a lot of technical skills to complete audit fieldwork. I have completed several audits with different teams and enjoy the unpredictability and variety of the different clients.

This course is for you if your aim is to be a qualified accountant.

There isn't really a typical day, but we do have busy seasons where we perform the fieldwork and do long hours. Audit is fairly unpredictable – you could be sent to a different country, visit clients' sites or do research; you can gain a lot of exposure to different types of work.

My career highlight so far is achieving an above-average rating at work. At PwC there is a rating system where anyone can give you feedback, which is not only encouraged, but enforced, so it is a pretty big deal.

If you want a career in accountancy, don't forget about the British Islands! They are tax neutral and there are plenty of opportunities in big firms that look for talent in the UK rather than recruiting locally.