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An organisation or foreign government may be paying your tuition fees. In order for the University to credit your account and charge the tuition fees to a third party we need verifiable evidence from your sponsor that they are prepared to pay. Unless this is a requirement of your sponsor, we will not ask for this confirmation at the start of each new academic year.

It is important that students provide the proof of sponsorship before they are due to complete online registration.  Where the University has not received proof of sponsorship, students will be regarded as self-funded students, and will be expected to pay the fees or have a payment plan in place before they complete registration.

Evidence can take the form of:

Your purchase order/letter must contain your name; the year and name of your course; the sponsorship value; any relevant terms and conditions; and payment contact details.

Current students

Proof of sponsorship should be sent to the income team at

Once you have sent the proof of sponsorship, please allow 24 hours before registering onto your course. This will allow time for your account to be updated so no payment is required during online registration.

2023/24 applicants

For all applicants providing proof of sponsorship for September 2023/24 entry, please visit the applicant portal.

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