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Clearing 2024 is now open

Graduation gowns

As this is a formal occasion, all graduands/diplomates are required to wear graduation gowns with hood (where appropriate), as shown in the images below, and mortar board. You are required to order this at least three weeks before your graduation ceremony.

Advisable dress code under your academic dress is: dark, smart clothes, or national dress, provided the gown can be worn over it. As this is a formal occasion, jeans are not appropriate for the ceremony.

Ordering your graduation gown

The University uses a company called Ede & Ravenscroft for graduation gowns. To order your gown, hood (where appropriate) and mortar board, either go online at or call 01223 861854.

Graduation gowns must be booked at least three weeks before your graduation ceremony.

All academic dress will be available for collection from The Spark on the day of your ceremony. Further information on timings will be provided with your tickets.

Please be aware of other companies who offer graduation gowns and hoods claiming to be those of Solent University. This is NOT the University academic dress and anyone who attends not wearing the correct attire will not be allowed to graduate.

Handy hints

Bring some safety pins! The graduation hood is fastened by a loop that needs to be attached to a shirt/jacket button; it's recommended that you bring some safety pins to help secure this. It's also a good idea to bring some hairgrips to secure your mortar board.