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Entrepreneur, BBC's The Apprentice finalist, radio presenter, bestselling author and alumnus, Richard Woods, has been awarded the honorary degree of Master of Business Administration.

13th July 2018

Entrepreneur, BBC's  The Apprentice  finalist, radio presenter, best selling  author and alumnus, Richard Woods, has been awarded the honorary degree of Master of Business Administration by Solent University today (Friday 13 July).

Richard, who graduated from Solent in 2005 with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship, runs  a portfolio  of  businesses  including: digital  marketing  agency, Yomp  Marketing; marketing events brand, The Lead Gen  Summit; and marketing training company, The Lead Gen Academy.

He said: I am absolutely taken aback by receiving this award. The sense of pride, not just being recognised for my achievements, but for being associated with this University. Solent felt like home the second I walked through those doors on the open day, and since then it’s really flourished."

He recently launched The Digital TrailBlazer, which aims to provide entrepreneurial  SME’s  with  a predictable  flow  of  leads  every day. The  accompanying  book  Digital TrailBlazer went  straight  to number one on Amazon’s best seller list and  continues  to  sell  globally. Richard  went  on to  publish a  second  book  Brexitpreneurship - How to win from Brexit, which  also  went straight  to  number one.


He  was  a  finalist  upon  BBC’s The Apprentice, Series  11 (2015) - where  he  was  the  top seller across all  tasks  during  the  competition. 

He added: "Solent was a fantastic place to prepare me for the world of business, something I always wanted to be a part of, but didn't know quite how or if I was ready for it. Coming here having inspirational speakers talk to me about the world of business, as well as lecturers who were able to broaden my mind and my horizons, prepared me for the world and I can only say thank you for it!"

Richard has won numerous awards including, Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2016), and Key  Person of  Influence  Award  2015  (Dent  Global  Annual  Awards). He makes regular appearances on local radio and  BBC  Radio  1, and is a frequent speaker at business  events, trade  shows and seminars.

Richard is a frequent visitor to Solent, talking at open days and giving guest lectures to current students.

Giving tips to students graduating today he said: "The best advice I can give is to really lean in to everything, get hungry for experience, work and for breaking the norm. Don't settle with just ok – challenge yourself, be interested in something and create something. It's the biggest cliché out there, but go out and change the world!"