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Dream big: Make it big.

20th April 2016
Spring has arrived and the 4 May UCAS deadline is rapidly approaching. Whether it’s taking exams, researching universities or finally learning to cook, people all over the country are gearing up to start their journey into higher education this September.

We’d like to kick off this busy time of year by reminding students to dream big – being bold and ambitious no matter where or what they choose to study. One of our Dream Big postcards might even have landed on your doormat over the last few days.

In this post we catch up with Simon and Bianca (the ones in the giant deck chairs!) to find out how courses here at Southampton Solent are helping them to make their own big dreams a reality.

What course do you study?

Simon: I study health, exercise and physical activity and I’m in my second year.

Bianca: I’m studying journalism and am currently finishing my third and final year.

What first attracted you to study at Solent?

Simon: One of the key things that I really liked about Solent is the atmosphere around the University and the range of opportunities available for students. It felt really friendly and for me it stood out the most out of all of the universities I went to visit.

The Spark, Southampton Solent University’s latest teaching building, is due for completion this year.

Bianca: I picked Solent because my goal was always to do something productive and worthwhile, and I felt that it was the only place where I could actually get the experience needed to reach my dream of becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. I know it sounds rather ambitious, but we all have to start somewhere!

How are you finding your experience at Solent so far?

Simon: Going to Solent was one of the best decisions I made. I’m really enjoying my course as it’s very diverse and covers a lot of areas I want to pursue in the future.

Bianca: I love the fact that I get to combine my passion for writing and filming with the opportunity to get real life, first-hand experience from professionals within the industry.

Has there been one stand-out point for you from your studies so far?

Simon: If I had to pick the best aspect of my studies it would be Solent’s focus on making sure students have a chance to work with external clients no matter what course they are on.  The focus on employability is fantastic and it gives you a great insight into what you might end up doing in your actual career.

Southampton was recently rated as the 6th best city to live and work in the UK (PWC Good Growth for Cities Report, 2015).

Bianca: There have been many, but the one that I’m most proud of is when I had the chance of getting work experience with the ITV Meridian team.

Going behind the scenes of ITV was definitely one of the highlights of my studying year and looking back, if it weren’t for the things that I’ve been learning as part of my course, I don’t think I would’ve been able to cope well there. It was really challenging, but exciting as no day was ever the same as the other.

Would you recommend studying at Solent to others?

Simon: Solent is expanding and there is an abundance of investments being put in place to ensure the University can provide the highest quality environment for students.

That combined with the focus on employability makes this a great university. The vibe around the University is amazing and all staff are so friendly and helpful – I definitely would recommend Solent to others.

Southampton was recently rated as the 6th best city to live and work in the UK (PWC Good Growth for Cities Report, 2015).

Bianca: Most definitely. Being part of Solent, with all its experiences (the sleepless nights at the library, teachers who pushed you to think outside the box and those insane moments when you had to rush with a paper, three minutes  before a deadline) has not only exceeded my expectations as a student of journalism, but also made me value the whole process of learning.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

Simon: When I graduate, I will carry on to achieve a masters degree in physiotherapy and I hope to end up working as a physiotherapist at Southampton Hospital.

Bianca: I’m hoping to apply what I have learned here at Solent into my future work outside the University. But most of all I’m hoping to be able to break through the broadcasting world, and am willing to fail and fail again until I get it right.

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