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Friday 17 July 2015

Sneak preview: the pod

Southampton Solent University’s Board of Governors and Senior Management Team visited the new Spark building on Wednesday 15 July 2015.

Southampton Solent University Board of Governors and Senior Management Team visiting the Spark building’s atrium

The visitors had the rare opportunity to see the new pod under construction up close when they accessed the temporary platform used to add the pod’s pre-fabricated enveloped panels to its frame.

Temporary platform under the pod

The facade works are proceeding at good pace with the installation of extensive scaffolding alongside the pod envelope installation.

The Spark’s facade under construction.

Coordinating the pod’s steel frame design and pre-fabricated envelope panels system had its challenges due to the physical working space required but these challenges are being overcome and the results so far are very statisfying, progressively transforming the atrium space.

Admiring the views from the temporary platform under the pod

Other construction in the building is advancing with closing off and completing walls from levels 02 through to 05, in readiness for the commencement of the raised access flooring.

Standing on the pod’s roof

The Spark seen from the pod’s roof

At roof level, the aluminium standing seam and roof light build up is now complete, with photovoltaic panels and atrium side cladding being fitted, and roof level louvres being installed in the coming weeks.

The pod seen from the atrium

The Spark building at roof level