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Monday 14 September 2015

Top 10 student hacks

Away from home, out in the wild, forced to live on your wits (and off-brand noodles) … your first few weeks of uni might be a shock, but you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to survive them.

All you need is a few essentials – and thanks to some timely advice from recent graduates, we’ve got a quick list of things you’d never think you’ll need … until it’s too late.

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Extension cable. Phone, tablet, laptop, bedside lamp, speaker system, hair straighteners… There are never, ever enough plugs to go around. Aim for one with a built-in circuit breaker, and save your favourite gadget from getting fried. Remember to remove any items you aren’t using to avoid power-cuts!


A furry rug, because who doesn’t love stepping out of bed into a world of softness?!


A laundry bag. As time passes and the term drags on, the dirty washing pile in the corner of your room will spread and spread, until it’s no longer safe to enter without a hazmat suit. Get yourself a laundry bag or bin, and you can hide your dirties until the thing is full… at which point it’s probably time to find a washing machine.
A really big frying pan. An absolute life-saver, it literally cooks everything (sometimes all at once). You can even cook spaghetti in there, comes out fine… and most importantly, saves on washing up.
A double duvet. Don’t be satisfied with a single duvet – go double or go home. Everyone in your student residence will be in awe of your luxurious bedding, and quietly follow suitBe a trendsetter in the duvet world.
A clothes horse. Cheaper than an actual horse, it’ll add a distinct and musty piquancy to your home away from home. Still, when you can’t afford the dryers or if they’re completely full and you’ve got a drying emergency, the clothes horse can be a life-saver. Just make sure you open the window!
A measuring jug. Essential for cooking, measuring, or as an emergency tea cup. Everyone forgets these, so prepare to fight. For your right. To measure stuff. As one of our grads said, “No one had one when we moved in so I bought one then everyone stole it. Then someone broke it. So go for plastic, not Pyrex!”
A pack of cards – The cheapest, easiest, often-funniest way to make friends on your first night in the student residences. Learn a few games, learn to bluff, but remember – the house always wins.
Something to decorate your room with. It may not be Christmas just yet but there’s nothing wrong with year-long festivities (unless it’s Crimbo songs on repeat, no one wants that). Fairy lights, picture frames and posters are a quick and easy way to make your room a home.