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Friday 30 January 2015

Solent's new spark building updates!

Despite being barely into the new year, significant developments have already been taking place in connection with the new building – and it is exciting to think of all the developments that will be taking place both on and off-site.

Sketch by Peter Jarvis, senior lecturer in drawing and illustration

The big news is that the whole of level 02, along with all the columns and verticals that spring from it towards level 03, was completed in terms of forming and casting at the end of 2014. Significant progress was also made with the decking for level 03.

on site  Sketch by Peter Jarvis, senior lecturer in drawing and illustration

In total there will be 113 external wall pre-cast panels, and all of these have been manufactured offsite. Before being brought in the panels have to be fully finished and prepared, with 70 of them being fitted with a curtain walling system offsite.

The feature lower atrium stairs and hollowcore planks have also been completed offsite, and these will be craned into position this month.

Students continue to benefit

There have been numerous meetings in terms of design development throughout the last month, but – importantly – time has also been found to ensure that students from Martec continue to benefit from the rare opportunity of having a working building site on their doorstep.

Will Goddard, Site Manager for Interserve and a Southampton Solent alumnus, says: ‘At the moment we have a programme of curriculum support implemented with the University that’s involved our regional construction manager giving a lecture on construction management, and our project manager here has also given a number of lectures.

There have also been lots of site visits timetabled in to work with the curriculum of Southampton Solent’s construction faculty, Portsmouth University students, and further interaction with local schools and colleges.”