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School is over and university promises to be a whole new adventure.

22nd September 2016

School is over and university promises to be a whole new adventure. It may be the first time you are left to your own devices, both in your studies and in life. Teachers will be replaced by tutors, and whilst they are there to help you, they won't micro-manage you.

For most, this independence will be totally new.

First of all, you will need to make sure you have everything you will need for this big adventure. Next you will worry whether it will all fit in the car to actually transport it all. Then might come the realisation that your heading to university to study a subject you may not actually know that much about!

We decided to gather together a few of our rising third year PR students to ask them what their biggest fear was before heading to Solent to study PR. Hopefully this will help you to lay any doubts or anxieties to rest. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the PR team.

“I worried about presenting in front of others as I knew I would have to, but now I couldn't imagine not doing it! Doing this degree helped me grow as a person.” - Abi Kitcher

“Worrying that you don't quite understand what PR is, as most of it is common sense with good writing skills and creativity.” - Abbii Stevens

“I worried so much about presenting in a different language. That maybe someone would laugh at me or that I've used the wrong words. But I'm so much more confident now and I can ask my class mates about everything and they help me with whatever I need. As Abbii said, I also worried about not quite understanding what PR really is. AND, if I didn't know things that I've should have learned when starting my work placement. But everything turned out perfectly.” - Pernille Nebell Østdahl

“I joined the PR_SSU course as a second year transferee, so I felt very nervous knowing everyone else had a year of Solent experience ahead of me. I worried about so many things, from where I would park my car (I travel into university daily) to whether my new cohort would have more PR knowledge and experience than me. In the end I had nothing to worry about, I was welcomed in by the brilliant team and lovely students and have gained so much experience!” - Laura Bradley

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