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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Chinese design students visit Solent

This summer, 18 students from the Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) made the long trip from China to get their first taste of higher education in the UK thanks to Southampton Solent’s Graphic Design with English Summer School.

This programme enables overseas students from key higher education markets to get a good sense of life as a student in the UK while at the same time working on their English language and design skills. The school’s academic schedule is tailored to cover a broad range of disciplines including typographic design, print making, graphic design, pinhole camera photography and UK fashion culture.


Students at the summer school had more to look forward to than two solid weeks in the studios however – they also got the opportunity to learn more about British culture by visiting iconic British cities like London, Oxford, Brighton, Bath and Winchester.

This wasn’t just a fantastic chance for students to get out and experience first-hand everything that the UK’s cities have to offer – past students of the summer school also believe that these excursions were the part of the trip in which their English developed most rapidly.


Students and staff from the SIT have attended the Graphic Design with English Summer School programme for the last two years and have been particularly impressed with Solent University teaching style and facilities. This time it was Feifei Wu, Dean of the Visual Communication Department at SIT, who accompanied the students:

“Next year we hope to bring more students and more teachers because it also benefits the teachers. They can learn the style from the teachers here.”

Overall the summer school was a big success and the staff from the Faculty of the Creative Industries are looking forward to welcoming another group of SIT students in 2015.