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Wednesday 14 October 2015

Solent Art goes global

A new international creative exchange programme has been launched by Solent’s School of Art, Design and Fashion.

Trans-National Creative Exchange (TNCE) is a two-year project that supports emerging talent from Europe and China.

It will provide both students and professionals the opportunity to develop their skills and careers internationally, allowing them to work with international partners to gain valuable experience and establish professional relationships for their future careers.

Opportunities for students, graduates and professionals include:

  • residences, mentoring, workshops, competitions and exchanges;
  • knowledge sharing through conferences, international events and online; and
  • showcasing through exhibitions, festivals and virtual exhibitions.

Officially launched at the beginning of October, TNCE brings together international partners including the Solent Showcase Gallery, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design (Ireland), CIT (Ireland), Wandsford Quay Gallery (Ireland), The Hague University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), Recontre Audiovisuelles (France), and China Academy of Art/Shanghai Institute of Design.

The initiative is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


For further information visit the TNCE website, designed and built by Marchin Michalski, a graphic design student from Solent University and Kevin Kerkhoven, software engineer student from The Hague University.