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Friday 9 October 2015

Solent students teach street art

Two Solent students delivered street art workshops on 7 October at Woodlands Community College as part of the Showcase Gallery outreach programme, which inspires young people to develop their creative skills as well as providing Solent students with work experience.

Lynsey Carter, in her second year studying Fine Art, and Will Whittington, studying a masters in Visual Communications, taught year 9 pupils new techniques in making street art.

Kate Maple, curator of the Showcase Gallery, said: “We taught the pupils chalk drawing on pavements, spray painting onto clingfilm (called cellograff) and large scale vinyl painting onto cellograff.


“These are techniques that do not damage property in any way so they are a positive form of street art that are temporary, large scale and very striking.”

Will got involved with the project after working as a technician at the Solent Showcase Gallery.

He said: “Spray paint alongside street art is currently exploding in the art scene. Due to this, these workshops are in demand across the country.

“It’s great experience for me to work with clients and network with groups I never would have met otherwise.”


Lynsey got involved after expressing an interest in educational workshop environments. She encouraged the children to think about contrasting colours, shading and composition.

She said: “The students were fully engaged in the activities of the morning. They were excitable as it was a very free workshop where they could make their own decisions.

“Observing the students’ approach to the activities has opened my mind to new ways I could approach my own projects.”


The Showcase Gallery has run mini street art sessions in other schools and at the Showcase Gallery. There are also plans to work with feeder colleges in due course.