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Tuesday 4 February 2020

During last year’s National Apprenticeship Week, we introduced you to Steph Howard, currently on the Construction Site Engineering Technician apprenticeship pathway and working at Such Salinger Peters Ltd as an Office Manager. Now in year two of her course, we caught up again to find out the last 12 months have been.  

Picture of construction apprentice Steph HowardHi Steph, how has the last year been?  

My studies have been going great. We are now learning new subjects, the wide knowledge of what we have been learning has been useful. I have also been able to undertake a lot more jobs at work due to what I have learnt at University – it's really helped me with more of an understanding of the engineering world. 

What have you enjoyed the most about the last year of your apprenticeship?   

We have recently finished a surveying module which was quite practical, it made a change being out of the classroom. It was great experience learning with surveying equipment that I use in my day-to-day job which has helped by making me more confident when using the equipment at work. 

What have the biggest challenges been?  

As civil engineering is such a broad subject, some of the units we have been learning are less like what we undertake at my work place. These have been more challenging for me as I have no previous knowledge. However, it is great learning new things that I can take back to the office.  

What are your plans/hopes for the year ahead?   

I hope to pass the course at the end of this year! The year is going well, so fingers crossed. My next step in the career path would be to undertake a degree in Civil Engineering whilst continuing to work alongside the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) and become part of the professional association for Civil Engineers. 

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