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Monday 6 October 2014

Spreading joy in the workplace

Here, Southampton Solent Business School look at improving employee productivity by spreading a little joy in the workplace.

Recently, Southampton Solent Business School hosted over 55 human resource professionals, senior managers, students and colleagues who came together for an enlightening evening of networking and discussion.

Solent Human Resource Network was delighted to welcome Stephanie Taylor of Art of Life and Mary White, senior lecturer in leadership and management, who led an interactive evening where we explored two models to help teams and individuals improve performance, teamwork and communication. A lively debate ensued and our art skills were put to the test.

With time to network and meet new colleagues, we were a happy team supported by a complimentary buffet and refreshments.

Throughout the evening we discussed how different personalities within our working teams could benefit or impair the overall happiness and ultimately performance in the workplace.

Thanking Stephanie and Mary at the end of the evening professor Georgina Andrews – director of Southampton Solent Business School invited attendees to the Southampton Solent Business School ‘Leading in the Digital Age’ conference on 15 October and reiterated our celebration of the Small Business Charter Award and the Growth Voucher programme to support small businesses in the local area with strategic advice.