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Friday 19 December 2014

Tips from one of the world's leading consumer goods companies

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods companies with products sold in over 190 countries?

BA (Hons) Marketing students meet Unilever

Students in their final year of BA (Hons) Marketing went to meet a range of employees from Unilever and asked for their wise words of advice.

• Chief Marketing Officer – Keith Weed

Keith emphasized the idea that people are at the heart of Unilever and shared the idea of creating purposeful products to connect with a relatable message. His wise words were “You need to meet the demand before it arrives.”

• Global Marketing Team – Jeremy Basset

From a growing up on an Australian dairy farm, Jeremy now works as part of the Unilever global marketing team. His motto is: “A bad idea is a good idea.” With the concept that all the good ideas have already been discovered, you can only learn from your mistakes to create a new idea.

• Sustainability Director – Sarah McDonald

Sarah opened our eyes to think beyond marketing campaigns and discover what do we do to help the environment and give back. The answer could be in your house today, have you ever thought about the new compressed deodorant cans or the washing machine temperature you use?

Sarah’s role is to look into “What can the brand do to have an impact on the world?” The idea that changing brand packaging can change buying behaviour and generate sustainable business.

• Global Brand Manager in Premium Expert Brands/Regenerate– Turker Bilgin

Turker’s journey started off in Istanbul where he won a university competition, leading to his dream to join the AXE/Lynx team. He gave us an overview of his role and shared that: “Any job is achievable what’s stopping you trying?”