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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Richard Woods Wins Again

It’s week seven of the Apprentice and we have been watching alumnus Richard Woods’ progress very closely. So far Richard, or ‘Dickie’ as his friends call him, has won all previous tasks bar one, as well as having top seller status and heading up the best marketing task Lord Sugar has ever seen.

We catch up with Richard to find out more about last week’s discount shop task and we find out what is in store for tonight’s episode (25 November).

Well done for winning yet another task. Did it feel good to be back on the winning side?

Yes, definitely. I have now won six out of seven tasks and you can’t argue with that. I am still annoyed that we lost the handyman task, but was relieved and happy to be back on the winning side though. It is all about momentum in this process. I have done well so far, so to get another win under the belt did help reinforce that.

Richard with fellow Apprentice contestants Gary and Scott

We loved your selling techniques in the shopping centre. Do you think it worked?

It wasn’t even the case that I had to sell anything! My main aim was just to stop people to get them into the shop so the rest of my team could sell to them. There was quite a marked difference between mine and Joseph’s selling techniques. He was very much trying to be the ‘Italian stallion’ while I was much more theatrical and in people’s faces. If I could do that as an actual job I would be all over it.

I do think the ‘Dickie slide and pitch’ approach worked. We found out that the other team’s sellers were targeting people who were actually quite far from their shop so we think we did it better to sell to passers-by right outside. My whole approach was just to get a reaction from the potential customers – make them laugh, make them cry, provoke emotion even if it was a bad one. We were selling £3 toilet rolls and the next shop were selling the same ones for £1! We had to do something to get them through the door.

How did friends and family react to your unique selling tactics?

It’s funny because a little bit of me came out in that episode. I had been very serious up to that point. I work with a number of my family members and they know what I’m like in business and out of it.

My university friends know me as throwing shapes at Icon on the dance floor. That’s where the ‘Dickie slide and pitch’ was formulated! I can literally credit all those moves to the Kaos dance floor. It’s all I’ve got.


We are aware you are a high-end seller; did you find last week’s episode tough?

To be honest I did find it a bit tough but I sort of flipped it on its head a bit. When we were out selling the candles and diffusers on the street I set up the stall outside Harvey Nichols and set the price to target their customers. Sell less and make more was what I was thinking.

What did you think of Gary as a project manager?

Gary was good. He hadn’t really featured too much and I had noticed he had been a bit quiet so it was good to see him in a Project Manager role. He is Mr Retail. He was very measured, a little bit slow sometimes but overall good with decision making, and he had great experience. The Toilet World, the Household World all came straight from him. Where’s Dickie’s World? He did get well into it. We opened the store later than we should have but we still made it work.

We saw that the Richard and Charliene feud has continued. How did it feel when she jumped on your sale?

It was totally unprofessional and shows that she isn’t used to working in a sales team. That’s the worst thing you can do to a salesman. I thought if she is going to play like that I will too. I didn’t do anything to instigate her acting that way. She sees me as a threat. All I did was perform but she was proactively trying to put me off the rails. Maybe that’s her tactic but it’s not working.

We hear that one team may have been responsible for poisoning someone during tonight’s episode! The show never seems to be without drama.

It will be a good episode. Today it’s all about “cakegate” for both teams. I might be swapping a Charliene for a Varna.