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Wednesday 11 November 2015

Richard Woods plays it sweet on The Apprentice

We have been closely following alumnus Richard Woods’ progress on The Apprentice and he hasn’t managed to lose a task yet! Last week Lord Sugar asked the candidates to design and market a children’s book and Team Versatile were able to pull another win out of the bag and progress to the next challenge.

We talk to Richard to find out more about his and Charleine’s clash, how it feels to keep winning tasks and what’s in store for tonight’s (11 November) episode.

So before we begin, can we speak to David please…?

(Laughs) I have heard that a few times since the episode aired last week! Charleine was really trying to isolate me with that move but she chose the wrong man to do that to. No one puts Richard in the corner! So far, I have been at the forefront of winning every task to date, as well as being top seller. You don’t take that person and think they are going to be the fall guy. It was plain rude. She pretty much asked me that every time we spoke on the phone and a further three times more than what was shown on TV!

You are definitely on a winning streak winning five out of five shows with Team Versatile! How does it feel?

Amazing, it feels brilliant. There are a number of reasons it’s great to make it this far in the show. Firstly, it is such a relief not to be the first one out. Secondly, whatever happens at this stage is starting to become OK now we are now half way through. We are reaching a stage where if you go you’re gutted, but at the same time we have had a great experience. I believe you’re only as good as your last task. I’ve had some great highlights!

How do you think last week’s task went? What did David think?

I’m sure David thought Richard handled himself impeccably. I’m not sure what Charleine’s issue was but it went well as far as what I was doing; which was the narration of the story and the sound effects for the audio CD that was attached to the book. Though I was in the B team, I still delivered in terms of market research and door to door sales. All I try to do is play to my strengths. I run a marketing agency and I have to deal with graphic designers and copyrighters all the time so I would have been an asset in the other sub-team.


Why do you think Team Connexus keep getting it wrong? Is it just bad luck?

I don’t know to be honest with you but the cat fighting with the girls at the start didn’t help. Though the last task was meant to be skills-based, luck still came into it. At the end of the last task, Charleine had that ridiculously lucky sale when she sold the last of our books to the Rainforest Café. That has gone down in Apprentice history as what we, in the house, refer to as the ‘Rainforest Café Moment.’ What that means is that a task is never in the bag until the last second. You just don’t know what is round the corner.

After last week’s show, what has been the reaction from family, friends and business associates?

Davidgate has done the rounds. Everyone sided with me in terms of how Charleine treated me and people who knew me were surprised I didn’t go to town on her! I was simmering, on the borderline of losing my temper, but I’m glad I didn’t. I think people expected me to be a hot head but I’m actually quite measured and I understand what people are trying to do when they try to manipulate you.

We hear next week is a DIY task! Are you much of a DIY man in the house?

I’m terrible. I have lots of energy and effort but I am useless when it comes to DIY.

You should definitely tune into this week’s episode. It’s a totally different task to what has happened before and it’s hilarious. There’s some people you haven’t seen much of who come out of the fold and a few previously quiet people find their voice.

Richard has a 2:1 BA (Hons) Business and Entrepreneurship from Solent (graduating in 2005), and has gone on to start four successful businesses, including digital marketing agency Yomp.