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Monday 22 June 2015

Three students win prestigious Commendation at awards ceremony

Three young Solent creatives, who came to complete their bachelor’s degrees at Solent from partner BIB International College in Germany, were among the recent winners of a prestigious Commendation at this year’s YCN Student Awards.

Solent students Johanna Gilles, Sebastian Orth, Marko Steinbach from BIB International College were among those commended at the awards, in what YCN called a record year for volume of entries.

The students worked on a range of competition briefs for the YCN awards as part of their Creative Advertising & Promotion unit on the BA (Hons) Promotional Media top-up course, and in the end it was their work on advertising campaigns for Pan McMillan and Yorkshire Tea which brought them to the judges’ attention.

Marko Steinbach at the student-run Let it Glow event, which showcases Solent students’ creative advertising and promotions work.

“We are very happy that we got the chance to work on these projects,” Marko Steinbach says. “To work on briefs based on problems faced by real companies was a challenging but also satisfying experience – it was a chance to use and demonstrate our skills outside the University environment.”

Johanna Gilles and Sebastian Orth at Let it Glow, showcasing creative work to their former tutors and potential students visiting from the BIB schools.

From Cheshire Cats to power tea

Marko, Johanna and Sebastian worked as a creative team on the briefs for Pan McMillan and Yorkshire Tea. With both Solent’s promotional media course leader Chris Morris and Associate Lecturer Andy Cade having worked as creative directors, students working as a creative team on briefs like these have plenty of experience to call on.

For Pan McMillan the students were tasked to design a new cover for Alice in Wonderland, to celebrate the book’s 150th anniversary – and produced a minimalist, visually attractive design that referenced the heroine’s iconic blue and white dress, as well as featuring favourite characters such as the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter.

Part of Johanna Gilles, Sebastian Orth, Marko Steinbach’s design for Pan McMillan’s 150th anniversary edition of Alice in Wonderland

For Yorkshire Tea the students were challenged to innovate around the company’s product – and decided there was potential in high-energy ‘power’ teas like Mate and Matcha, marketed to young and busy people who commonly rely on coffee for a morning and afternoon pick-up.

The dynamic branding and innovative ideas Marko, Johanna and Sebastian produced obviously caught the YCN judges’ eye, earning them their Commendation. Maro Steinbach: “That we have won two awards is phenomenal and we are more than happy with this result. It is nice to see that the skills we have developed at Solent, and at b.i.b. International College before that, gain recognition at competitions like the YCN.”

Incorporating real sector experience

Second-year BA (Hons) Advertising student Archie Taylor from the UK was also singled out for Commendation by YCN for his work on the campaign for winery Scavi & Ray, carried out as part of his Creative Concepts: Art Direction and Copywriting unit.

Archie Taylor presenting at the Intensive Project, a Solent-hosted event bringing together students from across Europe to work on a brief set by local agency Carswell Gould for their client the Hampshire Cultural Trust.

Solent has a strong focus on giving our students the chance to build practical experience, and our courses often incorporate competition briefs from YCN, D&AD and others, as well as live industry briefs. Richard Berry, Programme Group Leader for Advertising and Comms, says: “The recognition of student success through national awards like this really underlines the professional level of the work, and puts our students centre stage.”