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Monday 13 April 2015

DHL European executive sheds light on business career development

Here, Southampton Solent Business School reflect on a visit from a DHL Europe executive.

Jim Hartstone, vice-president for business development and account management at DHL Europe recently attended Southampton Solent Business School and carried out a guest lecture for final year BA (Hons) Business Management Degree students.

This session provided a dynamic insight into the logistics business, showcasing how DHL is a key partner with a range of renowned brands such as Landrover-Mini and the role they play in securing an efficient supply chain to support the manufacturing process as one example.

As a fast moving and growing global business, Jim shared with the students how career development for graduates entering the business was available in abundance, should the employee be willing to move to where the opportunities arise throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. With sharing his own journey since graduation within the DHL business, students were exposed to how hard work, commitment and effort can be rewarded.

Gillian Saieva (course leader, BA (Hons) Business Management) stated, “Our students have benefited here greatly from a vibrant business leader who can tell it how it really is out there, and has achieved so much and is still a young person. The most useful learning they could take away from this session, was the unexpected tip Jim gave everyone entering into that new graduate role where he told them to not act as ‘graduates’.”

“By this he encouraged students to present solutions to challenges with academic insight certainly, but not with a dozen arguments to support their decision. He endorsed the application of their University knowledge, however stressed they needed to embrace the business way to decision making to ensure effectiveness.”

Students provided very positive feedback on the quality of the guest speaker, along with the business insight and personal development mind-set. DHL is currently working with the University to align graduate and placement roles for the future.