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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Solent at MCM London Comic Con

Over the past few years, Solent students have been taking advantage of a super opportunity to film at the annual MCM London Comic Con – a show that brings together popular culture including movies, gaming, comics, anime, television, gadgets, clothing and toys. We speak to Daniel Burch, a third year BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering student, to find out more about what skills he drew upon, what he enjoyed most about the filming and the best superhero costume he saw during the event.

How did the opportunity to film MCM London Comic Con come about?

It all took off from a guest lecture with Jack Tindall who came in to speak to us about his job as a senior vision engineer for Formula 1. Near the end of his talk, he mentioned that, for the past few years, he had been helping the press team at Comic Con, filming and editing videos. He said he would like to take on a few students and help build a connection between Southampton Solent University and MCM Buzz, the press team behind the event. The Comic Con that just happened (October 2015) was the fourth time that Solent students have been at this event.

What did you enjoy most about filming at such an interesting event?

Having the opportunity to work at an established event with an amazing group of people is fantastic. Every single one of us worked so well together so it makes the whole event a breeze. It also makes it easier to create content for MCM Buzz because we enjoy everything about what we do. From planning videos, to filming them, to putting them up, every single part of the process is a joy.

Did you and your group have to do much preparation, or did your super filming powers kick in on the day?

Myself and team manager Jordan Bragg had multiple talks leading up to the event about what kind of videos we wanted to produce as we really wanted to keep the content fresh. Some of the ideas we came up with made it into the videos but we had to be flexible due to changing circumstances, such as the availability of certain guests as well as specific requirements for certain videos from MCM Buzz.

Who is your favourite superhero and why?

I don’t really have a favourite but one that stands out is probably Hellboy because he is basically the devil and I guess that’s pretty cool.

What was the best superhero costume you saw when you were there?

That’s a tough one as there were a few that stood out, one being a lady dressed up as a patriot from Bioshock Infinite, and another couple of people were dressed up as Happiness and Sadness from Inside Out.

How has your course helped you gain practical skills to help with this kind of live filming?

The courses that we are all studying on are all orientated around the technical aspects of equipment, such as cameras and audio recording devices, so being able to understand how they work helps utilise the equipment to its full capacity. Each of us have creative minds which works well with being able to understand the equipment.

Would you recommend the opportunity to other students?

Of course, in fact, we are looking for students to take over from us for the next Comic Con as the majority of the team that went last time are in their final year. We would love to help maintain the connection Solent now has with MCM Buzz and the event.

What do you love about Solent?

The connections and opportunities that are available are insane and have helped shaped what I want to do in life. Coming into uni, I thought that I wanted to be a sound engineer for a band but since then I have had numerous opportunities that have enabled me to do things I never imagined I would do.