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Tuesday 4 August 2015

The Perdekamp Emotional Method

Solent is one of only two UK institutions to offer new technique to young actors

Southampton Solent University will be one of only two institutions in the UK to be able to offer an innovative new acting method, following BA (Hons) Performance Course Leader, Maggie Tarver, being certified as a Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) instructor.

Created by Stephan Perdekamp 13 years ago, PEM is a revolutionary system that uses biological impulses and systems to access emotions without the need for actors to recall painful memories.


“I have worked in the performing arts industry as a professional for over 40 years,” says Maggie, “and finally feel so relieved that I have found a technique that is easy, reliable, safe and works every time. “Instead of using memory to generate feelings, PEM accesses natural organic energies to experience emotions, not feelings,” she continues.

Although schools for PEM were established in Germany and Austria more than ten years ago, it has only been available in UK for the last three years through workshops held in London.

Having successfully completed the eight month training course, Maggie is one of only two UK certified instructors – the other being Peter McAllister at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – qualified to teach the method.

Students at Solent have already been introduced to PEM following a visit by its creator Stephan Perdekamp and Sarah Victoria, PEM Master Instructor and the most qualified English speaking acting coach, last year. The students were blown away by what came out of the workshops.

“Previously it has taken me weeks and even months to tap into different emotions for performance using emotional memory recall. Using this method I was absorbed in strong emotions within minutes and it was just as easy to let go of them,” says recent BA (Hons) Performance graduate Sarah Coulter. “PEM made me feel alive, energised and in control of my body and emotions.”


Experience is showing Maggie that living in an environment where digital technologies are fast becoming the primary channels of communication, fresh challenges are being brought to the acting professions and the entertainment industry. “The PEM technique is needed to get us back in touch with our biological selves,” she says. “It works with our basic human chemistry, allowing us to experience who we are through our organic energies.”

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