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Thursday 17 September 2015

Fizz Dell-Smith appears on BBC2

Six Southampton Solent University students have come together to form Restless Symphony, an up-and-coming a capella group set to appear in BBC 2′s The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone. We caught up with group member Felicity ‘Fizz’ Dell-Smith to find out more about what inspired her to sing and what keeps her motivated.

Name: Felicity ‘Fizz’ Dell-Smith
Age: 19
Home town: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Course and year: BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance, second-year

Restless Symphony are (from left to right) Ioana Simion, Siobhán Laurèn Hilton, Tassama Meshach Franklyn, Felicity ‘Fizz’ Dell-Smith, Anita Okekpe and Georgie Workman

What talents do you bring to the table?

First and foremost – singing! I am a grade 8 classical singer, as well as having experience in jazz, and pop music vocals. I also have interests in art such as, drawing/painting etc. I can play very basic guitar and piano but I stick exclusively to vocals the majority of the time.

Who are your music icons/inspirations?

As cheesy as it is to say this, my biggest inspiration for becoming a singer was my mum. She always encouraged me to be involved with music from a very young age and was involved in singing and performing herself. Both of my parents have been so supportive of me throughout all of my musical endeavours.

Why a cappella?

Singing has always been a channel to boost my confidence, and singing with Restless Symphony never fails to get me smiling. Singing a cappella enables us to sing anywhere and everywhere, while exploring intricate harmonies and working with beats. The vocals are more of a challenge than the usual pop lead vocals I’m used to singing, which means I get to expand my skill set as a musician with every new song we work on.

What makes Restless Symphony so special?

Restless Symphony is special to me because we are, in a nutshell, a family. We are a diverse group of talented vocalists sharing one passion, and on the same incredible journey together.

What song do you think best describes you and why?

‘Just Be’ by Paloma Faith. I think I would say that this song doesn’t necessarily describe me, but that I relate to it a lot. I love Paloma Faith’s vocal style especially when paired with such touchingly real lyrics in this song. It never fails to speak to me.

What do you love most about your course and Solent?

I adore my course at Solent. I’ve been extremely lucky to find a course that has provided such amazing opportunities for me. I study what I am passionate about and get to sing and perform regularly with some of the most insane yet perfect people I have had the pleasure to meet.

Best piece of advice given so far?

To never doubt myself. I have always been guilty of doubting myself and it was Esther who really got me to realise that being overly modest or lacking confidence as a musician is just self-destructive.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I’m looking forward to writing original music with the band, as well as coming up with some incredible covers to record and perform! I would love to perform with the band at festivals in the summer, and get some really fun, memorable gigs over the next year.