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Thursday 17 September 2015

Siobhán Hilton appears on BBC2

Six Southampton Solent University students have come together to form Restless Symphony, an up-and-coming a capella group set to appear in BBC 2′s The Naked Choir with Gareth Malone. We caught up with group member Siobhán Hilton to talk choirs, life on campus and Bruno Mars.

Name: Siobhán Laurèn Hilton
Age: 22
Hometown: Hemel Hempstead
Course and year: BA (Hons) Popular Music Performance

Restless Symphony are (from left to right) Anita Okekpe, Siobhán Laurèn Hilton, Tassama Meshach Franklyn, Ioana Simion, Felicity ‘Fizz’ Dell-Smith and Georgie Workman

What talents do you bring to the table?

Singer/Songwriter, Piano, Guitar and humour.

Who are your music icons/inspirations?

I went to the Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour in 2013 at the O2 Arena. Seeing him live was honestly one of the best things I have ever heard or seen. His stage presence was out of this world, as well as his band.

Why do you love to sing?

I grew up in a very musical family as my dad plays many instruments and my mother is a singer. Church life had the biggest influence on my love for music, as I am a member of the worship team and I sing on the district and national choirs of New Testament Church of God. I love music in general, but I prefer singing. It is the one thing that everyone can do (but not all should) and it is pure and from the heart. Singing is the way I express myself the most as I write my own songs and am able to sing and accompany myself on guitar or piano.

Why a cappella?

A cappella isn’t something I have always been interested in but I have grown to love it. I adore working with musicians and a full band, but now I understand the preparation and hard work it takes to be in an a cappella band. I know it is a lot harder to be able to blend six voices to make it sound as one.

What makes Restless Symphony so special?

Restless Symphony is so special to me because we were six total strangers from different countries, different backgrounds and cultures (seven including Esther) but our love for music and crazy personalities united us as a group of people that somehow create magic on stage. I mean come on, we have a Romanian female beat-boxer who studies Magazine Journalism – it doesn’t get more random than that.

What song do you think best describes you and why?

I think the song that best describes me is ‘Music is Life’ by Beres Hammond. The title alone is my lifelong motto. The lyrics totally describe me (and my love for music,) whether it is shared or not I will always love it. I love the buzz I get from being on stage performing to an audience large or small, even the excitement I feel from hearing something amazing on the radio. Music is my world and I don’t want to know what, where or who I’d be without it.

What do you love most about your course and Solent?

I love the opportunities we are given to network with other students within the same school, and from other countries, and with artists that are already in the music Industry. I am so grateful to my lecturers as they always push us to strive for the best.

Best piece of advice given so far?

Stay true to yourself, be extremely creative, work really hard and always do your best. It’s not humanly possible to do better than this in anything you do in life.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Coming to university, I aspired to become a secondary school music teacher. I just wanted to have a positive effect through music, on one person’s life just like my teacher did with me. But after meeting these crazy people, I’m ready to chase our dream of success.