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Thursday 20 June 2013

High Performance Academy

We caught up with James Grant, one of the managers at Solent’s High Performance Academy. James shares his experiences in the sporting industry and what it took to get him here:

Have you always wanted to work in the sport and leisure industry and why?

When I first applied to university I was going to study Media, but on my gap year I decided I would be better sticking to what I know and opted for Sports Studies.

What has your academic and professional journey been so far and where do you foresee it leading you?

I have spent a large part of my adult life at Southampton Solent University – formally Southampton Institute – which is where I studied as an undergraduate. I have worked at Solent for eight years now. Previously, I worked in the commercial leisure sector as a Personal Trainer and Sports Coach. I foresee exciting developments happening for the High Performance Academy at Solent.

What is/are your sport(s)?

Mainly football but I would like to believe I was a good middle distance runner back in the day J!

What have you enjoyed the most working in the sport and leisure industry so far?

I love working with the talented athletes that have the potential to be elite athletes.

What would be your advice for any graduate/young people wanting to start a career in sport?

Study at Southampton Solent University! Our BSc Applied Sports Science and Applied Sports Coaching are among the best in the country.

James Grant and the kids.


What is the best bit of advice you have ever heard? And the worst one?

Best: ‘Don’t wait for doors to open, smash through them’.

Worst: ‘No Pain, No Gain’. I hate that one.

Can you tell us an anecdote/an unusual event you have experienced in your job?

There is a lot of male nudity.

If you had to be trapped in a lift with anyone famous who would it be?

David Beckham.

In a parallel universe where would you be?

A Member of Parliament.

What would your last supper be?

Steak and Chips, a glass of cider and a chocolate brownie.

For more information on our High Performance Academy (HPA), contact the team using Facebook.