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Solent University is celebrating its best ever results in the National Student Survey 2020.

15th July 2020
Annual review

Solent has been ranked among the top 25 universities in the UK for ‘Student Voice’, ‘Academic Support’ and ‘Learning Community’. The University also increased its ‘Overall Satisfaction’ score to 83% - 66th in the UK - and scored above sector average in seven of the nine survey areas, and equal to sector average in the remaining two.

Professor Karen Stanton, Vice-Chancellor, said: “This is a real success story for Solent. Our brilliant results reflect the huge amount of hard work that goes on across the University to ensure our students have an outstanding experience and leave us with the skills and confidence to pursue their ambitions.”

Solent scored higher than sector average in survey areas: ‘Learning Opportunities’, ‘Assessment and Feedback’, ‘Academic Support’, ‘Organisation and Management’, ‘Learning Resources’, ‘Learning Community’ and ‘Student Voice’.

A particular area of success was ‘Student Voice’ where Solent scored 6% above sector average, reflecting students’ confidence that staff valued their views and opinions, that they had the right opportunities to provide feedback, and that their feedback was acted on.

The University also scored 5% above sector average in survey areas ‘Academic Support’ - demonstrating student confidence in the advice and guidance they received on their course and ease of contacting staff; and ‘Learning Community’ - with students valuing their opportunities to work with others and to feel like part of a wider University community.

When comparing Solent’s results to the rest of the UK, the University is in the top 50% (out of 128 sector institutions) for all survey areas.

Professor Stanton added: ‘We were also delighted to see so many of our courses receive extremely high satisfaction ratings, with 27 scoring 90% and over, 11 scoring 95% and over and four with a 100% satisfaction score.”

78% of final-year students at Solent completed the survey (compared to a sector average of 67%), despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic ahead of the survey’s closing date in April.