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Solent University, Course Leader, Make-up and Hair Design, Sharon Lloyd, has been presented with a Unity 101 award for her work on ‘decolonising the curriculum’.

11th January 2021
Art and design

Solent University was the official partner of Unity 101’s annual anniversary awards on Friday 8 January. Each year, Unity 101 Community Radio, present a special award to someone for achieving goals over and above expectations.

Reflecting on her work and winning the Unity 101 special award, Sharon Lloyd comments: “My work is really centralised around rethinking, reframing and reconstructing education by challenging institutional hierarchy and the monopoly on knowledge that fits a narrow view of 'British values’.

“My aim is not to simply add a single module of study that relates to black and brown issues and concerns; that would be a form of ‘othering’. My goal is to stitch these issues and concerns across the fabric of the curriculum so that the teaching culture reflects the social culture- cohesive and part of as opposed to being other than or in addition to.”

Sharon has been a course leader at Solent for 14 years, during her time at the University she has been a passionate advocate for change, using the curriculum to connect students with the community through projects that benefit both the community and the students. Sharon is also co-founder of the national group FACE - Fashion Academics Creating Equality.

Sharon highlights that her interventions aren’t just about fitting in modules of study ‘here and there’ that acknowledge the presence of black and brown people: “They are there to provide an educational inclusivity map that will guide undergraduates into making a difference within the world they live in.”

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the awards were held online - with over 600 volunteers, partners from the private, public, and voluntary sector and VIP guests attending the virtual event.

On receiving the award Sharon said, “I am surprised and flattered and very grateful for this award. It has empowered me to make further connections, and help share best practice, offer support and advice on specific issues in the future. This award is as an opportunity to celebrate publicly all the amazing work that we do at Solent,” adds Sharon.

The Unity 101 awards form part of a broader series of activities delivered by the University for the benefit of staff, students and the local community.

Footage of Sharon accepting her award can be viewed on YouTube.