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Shaping leaders and managers of the future

These interactive workshops take the students through the skills required by future leaders and managers to identify early on personal skills development areas. As a starting point, a general background to the complex business landscape we operate in is discussed using interactive online tools to encourage all students to take part. This is followed by a group activity where students are given a task around a key business topic which mirrors what they would be exploring if they came to study business management at Solent. These are designed around key contemporary business topics with fully guided support to ensure positive completion of this task, and to give the students confidence to discuss their ideas from the task. Throughout the workshop, advice is given around resources students can use to be well informed in the business arena, and to encourage them to take up every opportunity to develop their skills further. These workshops are delivered within a supportive and open environment so that students leave with a real feel for what studying business would be like.

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of students: 30

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An insight into the exciting world of stock market trading

Ever wondered how the stock exchange functions? In this session, students will:

  • Try their hand at stock trading using our leading-edge simulation software.
  • Track patterns of stock movements and learn what causes share prices to change.
  • Compete against each other in a simulation stock market game where the winner is the one who has the biggest gains.

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of students: 20

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Are you a budding business entrepreneur? You need to know how to plan and record your finances

A successful business depends on planning and controlling its finances. This session will:

  • Show students which software they could use.
  • Provide hands-on experience with accounting software packages (SAGE or Xero) under guided instruction from our highly-qualified staff, who will show some short-cuts, problem-solving techniques and general 'tricks of the trade'.

Duration: Two 2-hour sessions
Maximum number of students: 20

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An introduction to the world of auditors

Ever wondered what an auditor does? What are auditors for?

In early 2017, Rolls-Royce paid a total of £671m in fines and apologised after it was found to have paid millions in bribes over decades to secure orders. Why didn't their auditors of 26 years pick this up?

This session will provide an insight into why these bribes may have been missed by the auditor, including hands-on simulation of the planning and testing process that an auditor would undertake during a company audit. Working in small audit teams, under the guided supervision of a member of the lecturing team (the audit manager) and current accountancy student (the audit senior). Students will:

  • Prepare budgets
  • Make risk assessments
  • Try their hand at sampling.

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of students: 20

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BREXIT means BREXIT: a review into the implications for the global economy

This session will provide students with an opportunity to experience state-of-the-art university learning environments, research a contemporary business topic area, and analyse various viewpoints. Additionally, this will allow students to collaborate in small teams, providing a short presentation to deliver knowledge and understanding, and share their current skills in presenting with confidence.

Duration: 90 minutes
Maximum number of students: 25

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Theming an event experience

An exciting competition for students to decide on a theme for an event of their choice from a list. Then to pitch ASAP - the faster they decide on a theme, the more time they have to prepare. This creates a competitive element for the task. The tutor will then allocate groups of one of the themes. Teams will develop a specific theme or concept and describe the design elements they would use to make the event 'memorable'. Each team's potential event will be scored against these criteria and the team with the highest score wins!

Duration: 90 minutes (minimum)
Maximum student capacity:

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Things I need to know to plan my finances as a student and for my life

Fun with finance! Planning to go to university? This session will reflect on the importance of personal budgeting to avoid falling into the cash-strapped debt-laden stereotype of a full-time student. Participants will have the opportunity to actively plan their finances and learn strategies to help their funds go further. Not sure if you want a full-time university course? These skills, tips and tricks can be used throughout your adult life and help avoid some common pitfalls.

Duration: 1-2 hours (flexible)
Maximum student capacity: 20

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Under £1 at the pumps: So what?

A contemporary subject area for any aspiring business student to explore is the business environment. Upon having an appreciation of this, students will have greater knowledge and understanding to engage other key areas of the business function, such as finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and economics. The aim is to gain learning from a real life example by using the skills of group work and research to inform a business knowledge base to support further learning.


  1. Explore the fundamentals of a current business environment issue by desktop research techniques.
  2. Discuss and prepare an analysis of findings using the SWOT framework.
  3. Develop and deliver a five-minute presentation to share findings.
  4. Reflect on task to endorse learning and onward development.

Duration: 90 minutes (minimum)
Maximum number of students: 30

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Book a business and finance taster day

  • Select your taster day
  • Your details
  • Additional information
  • Would you like our staff to deliver a subject talk at your college prior to the taster session?
  • How will you be travelling to Solent?
  • Your taster day may be shared with another college or sixth form. If you do not wish for this to happen, please tick the box. We may be in touch to discuss the date if another college has already requested it.
  • As an external staff member, I have read and abide by the terms and conditions of Solent University's taster day guidelines (
  • If you are unsure about any of the points highlighted in the guidelines, please contact a member of the partnerships team for further information. You can email us directly: We kindly ask that all staff accompanying their students to one of our on-campus events have read the guidelines.
  • We will keep in touch with you via email and, if you have provided your mobile number, SMS and phone call. We will only contact you with information relevant to your enquiry and general University updates. For more information on how your data is stored, used and shared view our privacy notice ( If you want to talk to us, before finalising your booking, about how we use your data and let us know how you would prefer to keep in touch, please contact us either via email at or phone us 023 8201 3039.
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