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Git into version control 

There's no getting away from it, it's the twenty first century and anyone working in the computing world needs to know version control. This two-hour session will begin by introducing version control using GIT and GitHub. Visitors will then undertake a practical where they'll publish work to GitHub. This session would be suitable for those with some knowledge of web technologies. If time allows, we'll look at how you can host your website for free on GitHub.

Duration: 2 hours

Learn how to hack computers ethically

The techniques of steganography and cracking are used by security professionals in the fields of computer forensics and penetration testing. Your students can try these techniques practically in a controlled environment as a taster of the ethical hacking learned on the computer networks degree at Solent. During the taster session, students must hide and find secret messages and images in other text files or images and crack a user's password using brute force and dictionary attacks. Students are taught by a qualified expert in ethical hacking. Don't worry, he's a good guy!

Duration: 1 hour

An introduction to HTML

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code a website? The first step towards this is to learn and understand HTML. HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages. Knowledge of HTML can also help you in other ways, for example, if you have a blog it may allow you to add in small snippets of code to enhance your content. It's not as difficult as many people may think. If you're a complete beginner, or if you're not very confident with HTML coding, this session is for you. The session is suitable for anyone, especially those unfamiliar with practical IT.

Duration: 2 hours

Information security - learn how to encrypt your message

In this session, students will be introduced to encryption and decryption and their role in protecting messages in an unsecure environment. Students will learn examples of ciphers and apply them in practice to messages' encryption and decryption.

Duration: 1 hour

Usability and eye tracking

Visual perception is the ability to detect, interpret and reason information around us. Given that over 83% of the information our brains process is visually perceived, there is undoubtedly a connection between visual attention, awareness, intention, tendency to engage, and decision-making. If this connection is envisaged by the means of eye tracking, it could reveal very valuable insights about customer acquisition. This activity will introduce and demonstrate to students the use of eye tracking technology to understand consumer behaviour and improve customer engagement and retention.

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of students: 10

Python puzzles

Students put their problem solving to the test before writing their own puzzle for others to try.

Duration: 45 minutes
Maximum number of students: 8

Python code combat

Students experience the fun of programming with an engaging gamified learning environment.

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of students: 8

Python robotic arms

Students get to grips with programming a robotic arm.

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of students: 8

Python drones

Students' code takes to the air in the form of a flying autonomous drone.

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of students: 8

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Your students may also be interested in our computer generated imagery (CGI)/visual effects and computer games (code, art and design) taster days.

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