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How literature can change your life

Why should we read? What do the characters in historical novels have to teach us as 21st Century students? This session will introduce you to some of the most successful, life-changing actions of characters from historical literature and enable participants to understand how an in-depth study of literature is one of the most useful, practical of all university subjects, which can lead to a variety of exciting – possibly unexpected – careers.

Duration: 2 hours (flexible)
Maximum number of students: 25

Live from the newsroom: studying journalism

Studying journalism at university is about making your way into an exciting career. Journalists are on the scene when news breaks and they experience the best and worst of life. Journalists tell stories, inform their readers and can make the difference that changes people's world's. The session gives students the opportunity to come and experience what it's like to be a journalist; to test themselves in a lively newsroom environment and to find out what it's like to study journalism to realise their potential.

Duration: 90 minutes (minimum)
Maximum number of students:

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