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Marcus  Sanger

Marcus Sanger

Course Leader

Faculty of Sport, Health and Social Sciences

023 8201 3332 ext. 3332 Room no. RM103


Marcus is a course leader and senior lecturer in sport and exercise science. He is an experienced educator and practitioner with over 30 years' experience in exercise and fitness.

Marcus is a member of the Technical Expert Group, an online course and workshop developer, master trainer, a qualified tutor, assessor, IQA and EQA, a certified biomechanics trainer, golf performance specialist, virtual fitness coach and SAQ trainer.

Marcus gained his first certification in 1989 with the British Amateur Weight Lifters Association. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, where he was introduced to the strength training methods of Arthur Jones, he held a number of positions with Fitness First UK, including gym instructor, studio instructor, personal trainer, fitness coach, fitness manager, club manager and national trainer for the Studio Strength Programme and Nautilus Weight Management Programme.

Further information

  1. Industry experience

    Marcus is passionate, resourceful and adaptable with thirty plus years of experience in exercise and fitness. He is an educator, consultant, book reviewer, PT studio owner, national trainer, club manager, fitness manager, fitness coach, personal trainer, studio instructor and gym instructor.
    He is also an adviser to personal trainers, fitness coaches and educators on matters relating to fitness business development, quality assurance, governing body endorsement, exercise programming, fitness, and strength and conditioning.
  2. Teaching experience

    Marcus has over 30 years' experience as an educator, 20 years as a tutor, assessor and IQA and, for the past five years, an EQA.
  3. Research interests

    Marcus has an active interest in current and popular training methods used to enhance both physical and sporting performance. More recently he has been involved in a number of projects supporting educators and training providers in India and the UAE to gain recognition under REPs India and REPs UAE.
  4. Awards

    Marcus has an MSc in Sports Performance from the University of Portsmouth, a BA (Hons) Recreation Management from Sheffield Hallam University, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (HE) from Solent University and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is also a qualified tutor, assessor, IQA and EQA
  5. Work in progress

    Marcus is an adviser to PD:Approval and PD:Education on matters surrounding education and quality assurance for the Register of Exercise Professionals UK (REPs), REPs Ireland, REPs UAE, REPs India and the Sports Therapy Association (STA). He also regularly undertakes consultancy work for training providers and educators seeking to gain recognition and/or endorsement from local and/or international governing bodies, specifically in the field of exercise and fitness.
  6. Recent publications

    Marcus' recent publications include collaboratively written work. Follow the link below for more information...

    King, A., Burnet, S. and Sanger, M. 'An analysis of the electromyographical activity of the trunk muscles during traditional exercises performed on and off the Both Sides Utilised (BOSU) balance trainer'. United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association conference, 2010.

    Herbert, M., Burnet, S. and Sanger, M. 'An analysis of the electromyographic activity of two portions of the pectoralis major at three different bench inclinations during the bench press exercise'. United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association conference, 2010.