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Shakeel Ahmad

Dr Shakeel Ahmad

Associate Professor

School of Media Arts and Technology

023 8201 6095 ext. 6095 Room no. JM506


Shakeel is an associate professor in multimedia communications and networks in the School of Media Arts and Technology. He joined Solent University in October 2015 as the course leader in the computer networking programme.

Shakeel received his PhD (Dr.-Ing) from the University of Konstanz, Germany, in 2008 for his work on optimized network-adaptive multimedia transmission over IP networks. He received his MSc in Information and Communication Systems from TUHH, Germany and BSc (Hons) in Electronics and Communication Engineering from UET Lahore, Pakistan. Before joining Solent University, he worked at De Montfort University as a senior research fellow and the course leader in MSc Electronic Engineering.

His main research area is multimedia communications and computer networks. Video streaming, the most pervasive form of multimedia communication, imposes a number of challenges including limited and fluctuating bandwidth, packet losses, and strict end-to-end delay constraint. These challenges are even more pronounced in mobile wireless networks affecting users’ quality of experience when they stream at higher bit rates. Recent proliferation of handheld devices, 4K and 8K video resolutions, Multiview and 3D video coding, and mixture of virtual reality have imposed a number of challenges, and opened a number of new research dimensions as well. The goal of his research is to maximize users’ quality of experience in a scalable and sustainable fashion with minimum required computing and networking resources. He has published more than 30 research articles in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals.

Shakeel has worked on various consultancy and research projects. He was a co-investigator on The Community Network Game, a project funded by the European Commission under the FP7 programme from 2010 to 2012. He has experience of successful PhD completions both as the first and the second supervisor. He is a member of IEEE and IET. He also holds a PG Certificate in Higher Education and is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

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