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The figure below summarises this strategy.


To enable our learners to be work-ready, world-ready and future-ready.


By 2025, we will enable students to succeed by being a university that: Transforms the lives of people from all backgrounds, through learning that is relevant to the real world. Provides an outstanding student experience through our exceptional staff and facilities. Excels at providing its learning community with the confidence, skills, knowledge and experience they need to successfully pursue fulfilling lives and life-changing careers. Delivers a unique curriculum shaped around inspiring industrial partnerships, ground-breaking professional insights, knowledge exchange, and research. Makes a material impact on environmental sustainability.

Our values

Engagement and inclusivity
Ownership and teamwork
Respect and integrity

Strategic priorities

Student success
Research and knowledge exchange
Engaging with our communities

Strategic foundations

Environmental sustainability
Financial sustainability

Strategic KPIs

Recognition for teaching excellence
Environmental sustainability
Financial sustainability
University reputation
Anchor institution
Beacon for student health and wellbeing
Student success
Commitment to diversity
People experience

Enabling strategies

Learning and teaching, and student achievement
People and culture
Estates and residences
Brand, marketing and recruitment
Research and knowledge exchange
Academic portfolio
Communities impact (civic, alumni, funding, local communities, business development)

Ultimately, this strategy will be judged by the success of the students who choose to study with us during this time, and their achievements after graduation.

Those students who enrol at the University in 2025 will live and work in the latter half of this century and into the next. A lot will change in the years from when this strategy was drafted. While we cannot predict what the future will hold, we are confident that to futureproof both the University and its students, our priorities must be focused on student success, our research and knowledge exchange, and the impact we have on our communities.

With this priorities to guide us, the foundation laid by the Solent Future Ready Project, a relentless emphasis on our financial sustainability and our success measured by our KPIs, the University can boldly set out to enable our learners to be work-ready, world-ready and future-ready.