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A message from our chair of governors and our vice-chancellor

By 2025 Solent will have been a university for 20 years and will be able to trace its institutional roots back over 170 years. Our historical foundations in art, technology and maritime have provided us with a strong legacy on which we continue to grow.

This strategy is full of optimism, bristles with big ideas and is bold in its level of ambition. We are confident we can be positive about the future because of our people and because the central theme of this strategy is student success. Our students will graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a future that will be very different from now.

To be a future-ready university by 2025 we will have successfully navigated through the pandemic, have a curriculum that meets the needs of current and future employers, and be relevant to a range of stakeholders who themselves will be adapting to a very different future.

By 2025 we will be providing a growing number of students from a wide range of backgrounds with a life affirming and life changing education, enriched by a vibrant university culture of research, free speech, equal opportunities, knowledge exchange and partnerships.

We will be known as a welcoming and inclusive institution that cares for its students, its local community, and is committed to tackling climate change and investing in its people.

When our students leave us, they will be graduating with the knowledge and skills to achieve their ambitions, and the passion and confidence to shape the future.

At the time of drafting this strategy we are living in unprecedented times, but this is much more than a post-pandemic plan. It is full of optimism, ambition and confidence in our ability to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world. Building on the creation of a Covid-19 secure campus which is a safe and healthy place for students and staff, we will focus on the future of student success, research and the community.

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Ultimately this strategy will be judged on the success and experience of the students who join us, study with us and graduate from the University over the coming years.

Our student success will be proof of the power of education, research and knowledge exchange, and the true value of a university to its students, staff and community.

To deliver this strategy will demand teamwork across the University and working in partnership with external stakeholders across the city and the region. These partnerships are a valued asset of Solent, and we are committed to strengthening them over the coming years.

We commend this strategy to you as a reaffirmation of the power of education, research and knowledge exchange, and, most importantly of all, the value of a university to its students, staff and community.