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In some circumstances students will be able to receive a discount on their tuition fees. Discounts are offered to those who have studied here before, staff, and to students who are related to a member of staff.

Please note that the discount schemes cannot be used in conjunction with one another or other scholarships offered by the University.

Solent alumni discount

Solent alumni could be eligible for up to a 50% reduction of tuition fees if returning to study a postgraduate course. The discount applied will be dependent on your degree classification as follows, in line with the fees regulations:

  • Students who receive a first class degree (1.1), or a master's degree with distinction will receive a 50% reduction on their tuition fees.
  • Students who receive a second class degree (2.1 or 2.2), or a master's degree with merit will receive a 20% discount on their tuition fees.

Who can apply?
The discount is available to all Solent alumni who gain entry to their postgraduate programme, and meet the above grade requirements. You must also be a self-fee paying student. The discount will not apply if you are sponsored by an employer or have another form of sponsorship.

Is the discount available if I study part-time?
Yes, the discount is applied to both full-time and part-time study modes, but it is applied to the fees you pay each year. 

I am a top up student – am I eligible?
Yes, those studying at Solent on a top up degree and are intending to stay on at Solent for their postgraduate course are eligible to apply.

I completed my degree at Solent some time ago – can I still apply?
Yes, there are no restrictions on your graduation year, so as long as you are a Solent alumni with a completed award, you can apply.

I am planning to take a gap year after my degree, can I still apply next year?
Yes, your discount will be automatically applied if you return to study at Solent.

I need to defer my application – will the discount still apply?
Yes, as long as you have not already started the course, your discount will be automatically applied when you return to study with us. 

I have completed a Master’s degree previously at Solent and wish to carry onto a PhD, will the discount apply?
Yes, the discount will apply to your PhD course fees. 

I have a company or an organisational sponsor, will the discount apply?
No, the discount will not apply if you are sponsored by an employer or have another form of sponsorship.

Is there any other funding available?
From 2016/17 academic year, postgraduate students may be able to apply for a loan from the UK Government.

Loans will be available for both taught and research Masters Programmes (MA, MSc, MBA, MREs, LLM and MPhil) and will cover all disciplines and subject areas.

How do I apply?
If you are currently a student at Solent University and are continuing on without a break in your studies, your discount will be automatically applied on your return.

If are not following directly on from a course at Solent University, but have studied with us in previous years, you will need to register for the alumni discount. Please complete the following online form:

  • Name
  • Data protection
    We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please make sure you read our privacy policy as this outlines how we will hold and use your data for academic, educational, alumni relations and fundraising purposes.

Staff sponsorship and discounts

Staff members who undertake courses at Solent University will be fully liable for their course fees, except where they are covered by one of our staff sponsorship and discount schemes.

Staff members will be required to pay any fees not covered by the discount schemes in line with standard student tuition fee payment terms. For further information, please visit our self-funding pages.

In order for the discount to take effect, SSU staff discount forms need to be sent to prior to registering on the course.

Staff should leave 24 hours from when they submit their form before registering on their course.

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Partner discounts

Staff members at one of Solent University's partner colleges or centres wishing to enrol on a part-time course at the University may be eligible for a 50% reduction of the tuition fee but will remain liable for the payment of the full registration or other fees payable.

A management letter of introduction confirming the applicant is a staff member at the link college or centre will be required prior to or at enrolment and for each year of study thereafter.

For more information, please contact the Income Team.

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