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EMMY award-winning makeup and hair designer Fae Hammond teaches students 1920s styles.

18th January 2017

With the School of Art, Design and Fashion's Industry Week in full swing, students put their makeup skills to the test in a workshop led by EMMY award-winning makeup and hair designer, Fae Hammond.

Fae demonstrated the 1920s style seen in recent release Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and showed how it could be achieved in just eight minutes when working on extras.

Fae introducing the workshop

“Speed is of the essence, that’s what we’re trying to say with this workshop,” Fae explained.

"I base my budget around how many people there are. So on an average day there would be 400 extras and I’ve got 40 makeup artists, how long will it take? Budget is a huge thing in my world.”


“My job is to walk around so I can see who is taking too long and say ‘move along, enough of that now let’s go!’ My job as a hair and makeup designer is to oversee all of it,” Fae adds.

“What’s also important to remember, with Fantastic Beasts…, we’re not doing a documentary on 1920s makeup so we don’t have to be spot on. We can make it work to our film. I think a lot of directors like that approach. Period can be scary for some directors. They like it when a young audience can relate.”


Olivia, who was the subject of Fae’s demonstration, says: “It was interesting to learn how exactly makeup is used to create the 1920s look; how to make a face appear rounder and darker-lit using natural foundation. It got me thinking about different styles of makeup more and encouraged me to go beyond the modern, generic styles.”


Once the demonstration was over, students took to their positions and practiced the techniques while keeping speed in mind.


In Fae’s second demonstration, she kept to the 1920s style but modelled it on a main role from Fantastic Beasts..., Queenie Goldberg.


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