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Thursday 21 May 2015

What is the Reading Lists project?

Since 2010, the Reading Lists project has been a fantastic interactive online tool that helps to make sure you’re using the best possible resources for your course. Needless to say, in the relentless information age in which we’re living, it is vital that you’re accessing the most accurate and valid material available.

A wise man once said that ‘simplicity is genius’, and the reading lists project certainly fits that description – a simple but effective system that continues to have a positive impact on teaching and learning right across the University.

It starts with your lecturers, who will all email reading lists through to the library (using this link). These lists detail the various resources that they recommend their students read.

The library then works to ensure that those resources, whether they be books on the shelves or eBooks and journals online, are ready and available for you to view, access, and use, both on campus and at home.

Like we said, simple but effective!

The lecturers are continuing to engage with this great resource, and we’ve been able to offer some great promotions along the way including some delicious mince pies at Christmas, fun-filled goodie bags in the summer, and fitness classes to see in the New Year (probably to work off the mince pies we offered at Christmas).

More and more lecturers are getting involved and the project continues to go from strength to strength – so much so that members of Southampton Solent’s library team have attended various events at other universities to highlight and promote the Solent reading lists project nationwide. The project has been so well received that in 2014 it was a finalist at the JISC South Eastern Technology Awards.

Ultimately the reading lists project reflects Solent University and the values it espouses at its very best – different people from different departments working together to ensure that you are supported and equipped to complete your essays, assignments, and projects to the very highest standard.

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