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Friday 27 March 2015

The Spark's progress

Plenty of activity has been taking place around the University’s new academic and teaching building, now officially named ‘The Spark’, and its progress can be clearly seen by those both in and out of the University as it towers above its hoardings.


With all forming and casting complete for levels four and five, columns and verticals towards level six are now under the spotlight and due for completion this week. Finalising the level is a significant step as the only verticals now outstanding will simply consist of perimeter and penetration upstands and columns supporting the Atrium roof steels.

Legs ‘11’ have landed

Anyone looking to the skies on 24 March may have been somewhat startled to see a procession of long, thin poles being hoisted in the air.  Measuring 11 metres long and weighing 2.3 tonnes, these are the ‘legs’ of the futuristic pod. They were being craned into the new atrium, positioned and bolted into place.



To see what the pod (and the whole Spark) will look like when it’s completed, take a look at our animated flythrough of the finished building:

Site visit to review progress

Last month Lord West, the University’s Chancellor, took time out of his busy schedule to join the Vice-Chancellor on a site visit to see at first hand, just how quickly things are moving along. Less than two weeks later, the building was given its new name, ‘The Spark’.


Behind the scenes

As developments progress onsite, there is plenty more going on behind the scenes with installation of the external wall pre-cast panels now progressing.

Manufacture of the pod is also well underway and a further progress visit is due to take place early in April, ahead of the pod’s arrival date from its manufacturing site in The Netherlands in June.

The pod will arrive in kit form and be pieced together. Once built it will be totally kitted out ready for its high-flying new life as an elevated lecture theatre, exciting new meeting space and viewing platform.