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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Creating and marketing a collection to unite all cultures, religions and genders was the focus of BA (Hons) Fashion Management with Marketing student, Sara Aaltonen's final major project.

We caught up with Sara, 22, from Finland, to discover more about the inspiration behind her project, and what she has planned after university.

Tell us about your final project

My final major project was based on a collaboration between Urban Outfitters and Christian Siriano in order to create a slogan-based collection that promotes ethnic diversity. This took into consideration not just ethnic, but also other cultural and religious factors, with the pursuit to unite all humankind. The collection had a goal of being suitable for all ethnicities and be available for both sexes.

A mood board from Sara Aaltonen's collection for her final project

What was the inspiration behind your project?

During the summer of 2017, society was filled with turmoil due to the terrorist attacks and other significant political occurrences. This lead me to believe that if everyone would accept everyone for who they were, and understood that each individual has a right to be whoever they wish to be, the world and society would be a better place. In addition, I comprehended from my best friend Mina, who is Muslim, that no matter what religion, ethnicity or culture one may possess, everyone is all the same - only their views are different. I believed that this is a strong enough message to be sent most effectively through a collaboration, with the effort to pursue peace. 

Some of the designs from Sara Aaltonen's collection

What have you enjoyed most about your time at Solent?

The things I've most enjoyed from my time at Solent are the new friends that I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained. I’ve made some friendships that I know will last a lifetime and I’ve maintained a full understanding of how the business side of fashion works. My experience here has been far better than what I expected. 

What's next for you? What have you got planned for after university?

I am currently looking into moving to London and finding a job in merchandising, marketing or PR within the fashion industry. I’m applying for jobs daily and soon will be showcasing my final major project at Graduate Fashion Week. The future looks extremely exciting and optimistic! 

Sara Aaltonen with some of her work in The Spark